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Semantic Representations for NLP Using VerbNet and the Generative Lexicon

Interests to realize semantic frames databases as a stable starting point in developing semantic knowledge based systems exists in countries such as Germany (the Salsa project), England (the PropBank project), United States (the FrameNet project), Spain, Japan, etc. I thus propose to create a semantic frame database for Romanian, similar to the FrameNet database. Since […]

Sentiment Analysis: Types, Tools, and Use Cases

It employs data mining, deep learning (ML or DL), and artificial intelligence to mine text for emotion and subjective data (AI). You apply fine-grained analysis on a sub-sentence level and it is meant to identify a target (topic) of a sentiment. A sentence is broken into phrases or clauses, and each part is analyzed in […]

Discover 5 Top Startups building Chatbots for Utility Companies

That microservices and customer front-end is built on Oracle Mobile Cloud service. Having that cloud-based, microservices architecture lets Exelon deliver new features to customers faster, and react to new customer expectations such as chatbots. Foremost, customers want to engage in the way that’s most convenient for them, and many now prefer texting instead of using […]