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At the beginning of July we traveled to the Le Page’s vacation home on Praia du Cassange, south of the city of Salvador, in the northern state of Bahia. Our daily work schedule continues, but breaks are spent swimming, surfing, walking the expansive ocean beaches, or stand-up paddleboarding on the smooth lake that lies on the other side of the isthmus. The sunshine, beaches, food and classic Brazilian music are simply fantastic. I returned to Ankeny in July, but carry the experience of living in the diverse Brazilian culture forever. Enchanted Mountain is a yoga retreat and education center that draws students of yoga from South America and around the world.


Whether you’re looking for a unique experience for your next party, or want to give something special as a gift, our Group Yoga Classes are perfect. Our mats are rolled up in a recycled box without the use of plastics. Our only item right now with plastic packaging is the yoga wheel with bubble wrap as it is easily scratched and we’re looking for alternatives.


Their one-of-a-kind, holistic retreat provides guests with a space to detox, curated experiences, and education on how to live a balanced life, rejuvenate, and connect with yourself. This engaging pilates class is a strong complement to your yoga practice! You will mindfully challenge the muscle groups’ strength and flexibility while bringing emphasis to the core. You are sure to feel stronger and more agile in your everyday movements. Mountain Yoga Sandy offers a full series of heated and unheated yoga classes a promote a sustainable yoga practice. Get out of your head and into your body at Casa Alternavida, a boutique wellness retreat located in the rainforest of Río Grande.

They focus on strengthening your connection to the environment—and yourself—with an itinerary filled with morning movement classes, healthy meals, and daily guided nature adventures. Whether you’re an experienced yogini looking for a fresh challenge or new to the mat and hoping to build your practice, Big Sky Yoga Retreats offers something for everyone. Our retreats are designed to help you connect with your body, breath, nature, and other inspiring women. Our bookkeeping services provided the yoga studio with up to date and accurate financial reports on a regular basis. The Fairmont El San Juan Hotel, one of the Caribbean’s most desired accommodations known for its old-world elegance, has a range of yoga classes, including sunset yoga.


Rain water from the mountain is collected and filtered for drinking. All of the stone, brick and wood used to build Joseph and Lilian’s home, reception center, temple, yoga practice rooms and guest cabins was recycled from existing buildings in the area. Even though the center is less than 15 years old, it has genuine old-world charm. With our 5 Elemental Class System, Mountain Yoga serves a vast clientele with classes that range from restorative, to flow, to traditional hot yoga. In addition, we have Barre, Pilates, and Qigong on our schedule. SLC Bookkeeping took care of all 1099’s, final year-end bookkeeping tasks and communication with the CPA to get taxes filed.

The Most Secluded debit memo in Puerto Rico Explore the Island’s most remote shores. Start your day with a complimentary morning yoga lesson at the elegant San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. LGBTQ Travel Whether you want to play or get away, you’ll find the perfect spot in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Weather Information Learn about the Island’s climate and find resources to help you enjoy our natural wonders safely. Five Unique Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is a real-life, choose-your-own-adventure island and the story is yours to write.

  • Whether you are an athlete needing some recovery or a beginner wanting to expand, this class will provide you an opportunity of long, steady holds that will provide a balance of strength and flexibility.
  • It has a fully equipped yoga facility offering morning classes, bird-watching opportunities, botanical gardens, and even a woodland hiking trail.
  • We don’t mean connected to your phone, your job, your social media feed, or your to-do list.
  • For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection.
  • The sunshine, beaches, food and classic Brazilian music are simply fantastic.

Our classical hot hatha yoga class represents the Earth element. You can expect 26 static poses and 2 breathing exercises with slight variations. We have created a wellness spa overlooking the knuckles mountains using mud wall plaster and recycled homegrown wood recycled materials. Finca Victoria is an Ayurvedic retreat center on the island of Vieques.

YogaSix Anniversary CelebrationYogaSix Anniversary Celebration

Not only do her retreats help transform body and mind through yoga and outdoor activities, they provide a safe and authentic atmosphere to open up and be yourself. Whether you want a classic hot yoga class , a relaxing class , a way to expand your practice (Fusion or Flow-Vinyasa), a class to help you find space physically and mentally , we offer a class for everyone. Lay your mat on a sandy beach for a Sun Salutation sequence while admiring a gorgeous orange sunset on the West side.

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Additionally they were constantly being pulled from the bookkeeping to other studio tasks that needed to be handled. Private yoga sessions at Mountain Yoga Sandy can help keep you feel secure and empowered. Yoga is a great way to celebrate an event or to bring your favorite people together.

This left the studio owners with plenty of time to give their full focus to growing the business with the start of a new year. SLC Bookkeeping knew the business intimately from a financial perspective. The studio was able to get an opinion from someone that knew the business well, but was not financially invested in the business. Using an outsourced bookkeeping service gave the studio an outside business perspective on their business. The combination of more time and accurate financial data helped the owner focus on growing his business. In addition they were able to work closely with Mindbody to use the point of sale system and financial reporting to find new sales opportunities.

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Melt into a child’s pose surrounded by a lush tropical forest while you take in the sounds of nature. Wind down with a Shavasana atop a paddleboard while you sway over the calm waves of a lagoon. The beauty of practicing yoga in Puerto Rico is that you can be swept away by the beautiful tropical scenery. Today’s always-on, information-overload, whirlwind-pace world makes it hard to achieve such a mindset.

Mountain Yoga Sandy is looking for a fun and engaging mat Pilates instructor who is experienced in teaching in a studio setting and have been teaching for 3 years. SLC Bookkeeping was able to handle most of the bookkeeping for the studio. He did not understand how to properly execute and set up systems in the business. In the beginning the owner tried handling all the aspects of the business including bookkeeping. The studio never really knew the full financial picture of what was going on in the business. We have the choice of 2 Trained masseuses 1 female and 1 male that will relieve the stresses of life and help you to begin that road to wellness.

  • Every day you can enjoy a new activity to discover the natural beauty and culture of Sri Lanka.
  • The Fairmont El San Juan Hotel, one of the Caribbean’s most desired accommodations known for its old-world elegance, has a range of yoga classes, including sunset yoga.
  • In addition they were able to work closely with Mindbody to use the point of sale system and financial reporting to find new sales opportunities.

“Welikande Estate is the ideal place for our guests to retreat. It is such a peaceful sanctuary for those seeking to make a beginning with a holistic lifestyle, through the practice of yoga and wellness treatments”. Every day you can enjoy a new activity to discover the natural beauty and culture of Sri Lanka. All activities include transport, lunch and a guide to ensure you have a stress free experience.

The studio also offers Reiki, aromatherapy, private classes, and workshops, as well as special events including retreats, yoga brunch classes, and a holistic full-moon experience. The property is gorgeous as are the lovely hosts whose hearts and souls are poured into this paradise. I spent 6 weeks in sri lanka and nothing came close to the unusual daily adventures we had. Welikande Estate is an eco-conscious and sustainable retreat center in the heart of Sri Lanka, The Knuckle Mountains. Immerse yourself in nature, nightly serenades by coquí frogs, and minimal light pollution at the Ayurvedic retreat center atFinca Victoria on the island of Vieques.

At Mountain Yoga Sandy, you’ll find the help, encouragement, support, and tools you need to succeed. Work your body, build your self-awareness, reduce your stress, and improve your well-being, wherever you are in the world and wherever you are on your yogic journey.

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Joseph and Lilian Le Page are the founders of Montanha Encantada and Integrative Yoga Therapy. Southern Brazil was colonized heavily by Europeans and the locals are light skinned and speak Portuguese, the official language of Brazil. Whether you are a first-time “yogi” or a long-time practitioner, the 5 Elemental classes will provide you strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. They are all designed to be accessible and effective for everyone. The variety of classes gives practitioners different options to suit their experience, schedule, and mood while still working together as a whole system.

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