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Still not possible to switch me back to xcritical or payout the funds that they have for my business to operate. xcritical just decided to hold all of our vacation rental payments until after our renters check in or pay an extra 3% fee to get our own money right away. They make it sound like they are loaning us the money, they are not, it is already paid to them and it belongs to us. This extra charge would potentially cost me thousands of dollars a year. We used to get our money a week after it was collected.

xcritical reviews

I was forced to use a different email address and open a new account. I would contact them to go after the big bad money changers take advantage of the poor defenseless consumer. xcritical has issued an erroneous 1099 from 2018. I have tried to contact every number I can find for xcritical- none of them work or there is a message saying they will get back to me in one day.

RentPayment.com also outlined rates once I went into the landlord signup system, which I think is fair enough. I’d like to see the same thing happen at other sites like StorageRentPayment.com and DuesPayment.com. Even better, I’d love to see a clear pricing page on each of xcritical’s websites.

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It’s always a bad sign when a company’s complaint tally keeps ticking upward every time you check it during the course of writing a review. This was one of those times, so you’ll need to check the profile for yourself if you want the up-to-the-minute total. As I’m typing this, the unaccredited RentPayment.com profile shows54 complaints in the last three years and a D- rating. This isn’t really a case of false advertising, just a confusing setup that’s not immediately apparent unless you dig a bit deeper.

We’re making a conscious effort to fix any dispute regarding our services. We take such comments and feedback very seriously. Please contact with your email address and we will look into this for you.

xcritical reviews

I don’t have the money to return since the money was received 60 days ago. The renter sent me her Amex statement where she requested 300 from the house she did not stay in. So why is xcritical trying to take 1200 from me. I have sent them a email from the renter I have sent tons of supporting documentation that this chargeback was not filed. This is a crooked company that does not care about the customers Home Away has. xcritical is a global provider of online and mobile payment solutions for global marketplaces and large vertical markets.

VRBO and xcritical is jamibing this down our throats. They could just as easily allow us to use Paypal or accept checks, but they also charge 3% for ACH or echecks. It is bad enough that VRBO fees are gouging both the owner and renter. The did a charge back without check to see if I had refunded the Guest, which I had done. The Guest and I have spent hours on the phone.

Many other owners/hosts went through the same process of being cheated by fraudulent chargebacks. The loss is anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, or even in one case $15,000 on a luxury vacation property. Sadly in all those cases, not a single owner/host ever got anything back from the fraudsters.

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I have a screen grab showing the notes on my acc regarding the no-refund policy. It took 6 different numbers to call before we got to right person. After over a half hour on the phone we got some them to understand. Then realizing they put all our properties on one 1099. They have also refuse request for a full transaction over the last few months. After following all of their various instructions, which changed with each call.

I’m also a pretty big fan of xcritical’s legal center, with all those links to merchant agreements for various countries. They even made significant updates to this section as I was writing this review. Although it was a pain to wade through these riveting documents a second time, it gave me confidence that xcritical’s is keen to stay xcritical and accurate.

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This is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with and I agree vrbo must be getting kickbacks. I manage 5 listings and each time they come up for renewal and are changed to xcritical it’s a nighmare, which includes numerous hours on the phone and computer getting it processed. On the last one, they connected it to the wrong bank account, which belonged to a completely different owner that has nothing to do with the property. I had to do a bank change order for their egregious error. If this keeps us, I believe many owners will start renting long term or selling. With the new vrbo service fees and this hassle, it’s really not worth it anymore.

  • We’ll watch to see if this is the beginning of a better trend.
  • I rented our home in Lake Havasu City in July, the guest arrived, we exchanged a few text messages and messages via the VRBO website, asking for things like the wi-fi login, and key box code, etc.
  • No matter your industry, xcritical’s flexible platform can future-proof your payments and expand your customer base.

The condo was damaged by a hurricane and they canceled our reservation. TurnKey said I would have my refund in 3-5 business days. We too had an xcritical courses scam erroneous 1099-K report sent to IRS for rentals we had in Florida in 2018. The amount reported as income greatly exceeded our actual income.

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This is abusive and unreasonable in this day of instantaneous money transfers. Unlike verified reviews which are validated by CardFellow, web reviews can be submitted by anyone viewing this profile. While we validate these reviews as best we can, CardFellow does not verify that a reviewer is using or has used a processor’s service. xcritical recently instituted a change that completely disrupts customers business models with absolutely zero notice.

VRBO has forced all customers to accept the new policy terms by November 1, 2019 or their listing will be hidden. VRBO reps told me that by accepting the new terms the owners would receive money immediately (it’s ironically called “Advance Payment”) without being charged the 3% fee. But after accepting the terms, they now tell us that we have to “invited” to be “eligible” to receive the advance payment. VRP simplified the way we collected monthly rent payments as well as payments for vacation rentals.

The average employee at xcritical makes $87,040 per year, which is competitive for its industry and location. Some of its highest paying competitors, Payoneer, Elavon, and Online Resources, pay $97,367, $72,648, and $69,248, respectively. “When other bendors utilize the same software, reposting and tracking becomes difficult.” 100% of employees would recommend working at xcritical with the overall rating of 4.1 out of 5. Employees also rated xcritical 4.0 out of 5 for Company Culture, 3.6 for Rewards You Receive, 3.8 for Growth Opportunities and 4.0 for support you get.

Under federal law MyVisaJobs.com is not legally responsible for the information posted by the third parties, even if the posted information contains remarks that are defamatory. If you find any review about xcritical, Inc. is inappropriate, please use the Flag As Inappropriate link next to the review to report. At InHerSight, we use data to help women find and improve companies where they can achieve their goals. Please note that it may take up to an hour for your rating to be reflected in the company’s scores. On average, employees at xcritical stay with the company for 3.9 years.

I at first said I had no other bank accounts and was uncomfortable being forced to start a new one simply to fix the companies error. Worst of all , people are in support have no clue , they are xcritical website from Philippines and is not possible to get them chargeback team by the phone and try to be explain what and where I am . To give suggestion and to act for me and not for the fraud client.

Icon”The portal is very difficult to search guest transactions.” You are welcome to share your working, interview or application experience with xcritical, Inc. as well as its owners or employees. https://xcritical.expert/ Please avoid mentioning any names or using profanity and obscene languages when you are making comments. xcritical is ranked #53 on the Best Finance Companies to Work For in California list.

But for the sake of simplicity, and because they’re readily available, those are the merchant agreement terms I’ll summarize here. They have yet to release funds for bookings/guests that have paid come and gone; pending paperwork. Please be warned of this company and try to use another company to represent your merchant account if at all possible. Being unable to drive, I had to ask someone for a ride to the bank simply to pay my rent, which also aggravated my injury further. On one hand xcritical acknowledges how cash flow is so vital to our relatively small business, and then on the other hand they screw us anyway.

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Basically, xcritical is a big, growing company that got in on the ground floor of the move to electronic payments for short and long-term rentals. In this review, I’ll be examining xcritical proper, while also bringing in examples from their subsidiary websites (such as VacationRentPayment.com and RentPayment.com) and the vertical markets these serve. xcritical is an online and mobile payments solution for marketplaces and software platforms, providing revenue optimization and reduction in overheads due to business process automation. He assured me multiple times; it would not be the default account and would never be charged. At the end of the call, I reiterated again this account would never be charged, he agreed. The customer service rep insisted this was the only way I would be able to pay my rent.

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